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A Rain Stick is a long, hollow tube partially filled with small pebbles or beans , it has thrones or small sticks arranged inside. When the rain stick is tilted the pebbles fall to the other end ,creating a sound reminiscent of falling rain.

Rain sticks were common across many cultures . Indigenous farming tribes like Aboriginal Australians , Native Americans and  Africans used Rain Stick as a ritualistic device. Ancient cultures that make their homes in arid regions developed spiritual ceremonies to pray for rain for their crops and rain stick  was a main part of it.

 Traditional rain sticks were made from various materials from the natural environment. They reflect the needs and resources of the culture from which they arise and are painted with beautiful patterns . South American rain sticks are most often made from cactus, while the tribe of Mexico uses hollow reeds to make their rain sticks. African and Australian tribes, have made rain sticks from bamboo or reeds.

Water is our most precious resource rightfully know as elixir of life. Water relives pain , refresh us, gives energy and much more . Same way by practicing "7 minutes wonder" with rain stick and recreating and listening to the sound of rain could bring many positivity to us . Having a Rain Stick at home spreads positive aura .The Music created by rain stick is harmonious ,relaxing and meditative .It recharges our brain and clams our mind.

Children benefit in many ways while using this rain stick regularly, it improves the hand coordination, helps them to learn cause and effect, improves sensory activities, improves focus etc.


**7 minutes wonder is practice in which we play the rain stick for 7 minutes , by slowly tilting the rain stick from one side to another, while concentrating to the sound created . This process helps us to achieve mindfulness . It helps to relive stress and improve physical and mental health.

Who can use Rain Stick ?

Anyone who has stress, students, children who likes to improve concentration , for meditation. In general anyone who is looking forward to improve their mental and physical health.

Where to buy ?

Wondering where to buy a quality Rain Stick?!  Aaranya Pasumaikudil is your perfect choice. We offer you the best quality Handmade Bamboo Rain Stick made by skilled artisans and painted with beautiful designs.


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Rain Stick

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