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Then Nelli (Honey Amla) is the perfect combination of two super foods in one bottle, Indian gooseberry (commonly known as Amla and Nelli in Tamil) with pure honey , harvested by Toda Tribes in and around Western Ghats and Kolli Hills from natural way of beekeeping. Free from chemicals , no adulteration and no heating. thus giving you the original benefits of AmlaHoney.

Amla soaked in honey comes with good taste and great health .
*Amla has high vitamin C
*Helps improve brain function
*Enhance liver health
*Promotes immune function
*Helps for a healthy heart 
*Helps in hair growth
*Honey is a natural sweetner 
*Great energy source.
*Powerful antioxidant 
*Full of vitamins and minerals 
*Has healing properties
*Boost immunity
*Helps sour throat & digestion 
*Has antifungal & antibacterial properties and more..

Honey Amla தேன் நெல்லி

250 Grams
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