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Light weight Handloom Saree

Kadhi design body

contrast plain blouse

and contrast Pallu .

This is a beautiful combination saree with small button buttas in body.

Small border Suitable for all ages


Handloom sarees are the pride of our Nation . They are icons of Indian culture and heritage and showcase the indigenous skills to the global audience.


A handloom saree typically takes about 2-5 days or more depending upon the design and details. Every inch in the saree is shuttled by the movement of the hand and legs.


Handloom sarees making you feel elegant, graceful, classy, and most of all comfortable and beautiful.


Handloom cotton sarees are special distinctive, rare and unique of its kind. Unlike powerloom handloom saree carries emotions and human touch in each and every thread.


By buying handloom sarees we not only support an individual but also support the art and helps it to be alive .

Pink kadhai design Handloom cotton saree

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